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Banana Chips

Davao's long-cut banana chips

Featured photo is of long-cut Davao banana chips.

Jovy's banana chips

Jovy’s banana chips — classic round shape.

Dried chips of banana have long been a favorite snack in the Philippines. The chips are ordinarily round in shape similar to thick poker chips, because the bananas used are cut crosswise.

Davao Banana Chips

Pack of Davao Banana Chips.

In recent years, the area of Davao in the Mindanao has been popularizing long-cut banana chips, in which the bananas are sliced lengthwise. A bigger mouthful per piece!

Latin Americans call their long-cut plantain chips tajadas, short for tajadas de plátano maduro. It does look though that Davao’s version is on the more svelte and stylish side.

Davao Banana Chips 250g

Davao Banana Chips. 250-gram pack.

On the package: Long-cut Banana Chips. Longer, tastier Chips. Not your everyday Banana Chips!

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