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Batag Kabalang

susung damulag

Batag-Batag Kabalang is the Bicolano name for the fruit that the Tagalogs call susung kalabaw (carabao’s teats).

Scientific name: Uvaria rufa (Anonaceae)

It is a wild, annual Southeast Asian fruit available usually from August to December. In the Philippine, the tree grows mostly on the island of Luzon. Even there, it’s not such a widely recognized fruit.

susung damulag

susung damulag

The outer skin is red, and the white flesh is fleshy and pulpy like that of a mangosteen. It has many dark seeds.

There are similar-looking related species like the Cyathostemma viridiflorum with different skin color, ranging from yellow to greenish-gray.

What does it taste like? It’s sour and sweet like an orange or lemon.

The smell is like that of a lychee.

Batag-Batag Kabalang is also known as susong damulag in Pampanga province. Other name variations: susung-kabayo, susung-kalabau, hilagak, hindlalagak, susong-damulong, Uvaria rouge (French), pedped (Ilocano), allagat (Ilocano), 小花紫玉盘 (Chinese)

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