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Calamansi Juice

Calamansi Juice

The round Calamansi is the most ubiquitous citrus fruit in the Philippine islands.

Centuries before import liberalization made yellow lemons accessible from overseas, it was the very sour Calamansi that was the only citrus widely available. Many Filipino households have a “tree” (more like a very large shrub) in the backyard.

Calamansi Juice Cleanse, anyone?

With these cute-sized Philippine fruits being much smaller than their cousins, making fresh calamansi juice used to be such an arduous chore and was done only when your mom wanted to give your poor sick body a healthy dose of vitamin C. These days though, modern technology appears to have made the task much easier, and calamansi juice abounds even in packaged forms straight from the factory.

In Singapore, there is a juice bar named Calamansi and they’re all about creating juice cleanses based on our country’s citrus fruit!

Meanwhile, in the United States there is a company incorporated as Vita Mansi that sells calamansi as “The New Citrus Experience.” It brands its product Original MANSI Premium Calamansi Juice Drink. The 330-ml pack contains 11.2 fluid ounces of juice not derived from concentrate, and the label prominently states that it is verified Non GMO.

Yes, you can buy calamansi juice in the United States. The juice imported from the Philippines is legit, but those made from the orange California-grown fruits is really weird.

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