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Philippine companies whose main product is food. Goldilocks, Arce Daily, Selecta, Carmen’s Best, Titay’s…

  • Titay's Rosquillos
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    Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos & Delicacies is a maker of biscuits, pastries and breads. They are most famous for their Rosquillos Corazon, Otap, Galletas del Carmen, Galletas de Bato, and Hojaldres.

  • Goldilocks Polvoron and Fudgy Brownie
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    Goldilocks is a Philippine company with bakeshop locations throughout its home country and overseas.

    The company has been around for more than four decades and is considered a Philippine institution.

  • Magnolia Ice Cream USA #OMGpeke
    U.S. Company Blocks San Miguel From Selling Magnolia Ice-Cream
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    A company in the United States has been marking their own ice-cream products with the “Magnolia” name, using San Miguel’s iconic oval logo. That company Ramar has no affiliation with San Miguel Philippines. Even today, many Filipino Americans assume that the Magnolia ice-cream they eat in the USA is related to the Magnolia in the Philippines. It is not.

  • Carmen's Best Ice Cream: Ube flavor
    Carmen’s Best
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    On the flight out of the country after his visit the Philippines, Pope Francis reportedly indulged in a pint of Carmen’s Best ice cream. Whether part of apocrypha or not, the story is a testament to the high esteem that Carmen’s Best enjoys in the country.

  • Monde Nissin Corporation
    Monde Nissin
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    Listed as one of the Philippines’ top 100 companies, Monde Nissin is the company behind the iconic Filipino brand and instant noodle giant Lucky Me! and several leading products in the biscuit and snacking categories, including Fita crackers, Eggnog Cookies and SkyFlakes crackers. Lucky Me! was launched in 1989. In 2014, Monde Nissin added top […]