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Cheap Two-Peso Snacks

Cheap Snacks from the Philippines. Photo by Soundtech27.

Get your fill of Filipino snacks for just two pesos a pack!

Alibaba Crunchy Corn Chips – Hot Chili Flavor.
Alibaba Crunchy Corn Chips – Barbecue Flavor.
Bawang na Bawang Crunchy Cornick.
Lips Bawang na Bawang Green Peas.

20% mas marami! = 20% more!

Bawang is Tagalog for “garlic,” and Bawang na Bawang means “Very, Very Garlic.”

Munch, munch, munch and enjoy! These are of the snack genre called chichirya (tsitsirya) — those crunchy snacks we love munching on.

For the curious…

Ingredients of Alibaba Crunchy Corn Chips: corn, spice, chili, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, food coloring

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