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Filipino Snacks


Traditional Kakanin (Rice Delicacies)

‣ Bibingka, Kalamay, Biko, Puto, Nilupak, Suman, Palitaw

Chichirya (Munchies)

‣ Kornik (corn nuts), Chicharon (Pork Rinds), Butong Pakwan (Watermelon Seeds), Buto ng Kalabasa (Squash Seeds), Adobong Mani (Adobo Peanuts)

Tinapay at Biskwit (Bread / Pastry / Baked Goodies)

‣ Pandesal, Pandesiosa, Paborita, Prima Toast, Wafers, Skyflakes Crackers, Hopia, Pilipit, Otap, Pasencia Cookies, Rosquillos

More Filipino Snacks

‣ Hatdog, Ispageti, Prutas (Fruits), Banana Chips, Pusit (Dried Squid), Jelly Snacks, Dried Mangoes, Nilagang Saba, Nilagang Kamote (Boiled Sweet-Potato), Banana Cue (Sugar-Glazed Bananas), Kamote Cue, Sorbetes (Ice Cream), Ice Candy, Ube Piaya

‣ Goldilocks Cheesy Ensaymada, Sunshine Crunchy Green Peas, Rebisco Choco Cream-Filled Cracker Sandwich, Ding-Dong Mixed Nuts, Jack n Jill Quake Overload Caramel Craze, Richee Crunchy Milk Snack

 Filipino Snacks: Chichirya

Philippine snacks we all love: Cornick, Cassava Crisps, Sweet Peanuts, Dilis (Anchovies), Garlic Peanuts, Pop Beans, Mixed Nuts, Cracker Nuts, Spicy Sampalok (Tamarind), Sweet-Potato Chips, Lengua de Gato, Turrones, Iced Gem Biscuits

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Snacks… More Fun in the Philippines!

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  • Chippy, Garlic Nuts, Peanuts, San Mig
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Photo by Mayette Garcia.

    Boy Bawang mixed nuts, Nagaraya cracker nuts, peanuts, San Mig Super Dry…

  • Multicolored Corn from the Philippines
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Photo by Mildred Cruz of corn from the province of Pangasinan.

    The Tagalog word for ‘corn’ is mais, from the Spanish maiz.

  • Divine Rays Otap of Hilongos, Leyte
    Posted in: Biskuwit, Filipino Snacks

    Otap is a crisp, flaky, even crunchy, oval-shaped “puff” pastry that’s a popular snack in the Philippines.

  • Sagimis (Turon)
    Sagimis (Turon)
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Sagimis is the native Tagalog word in Batangas and surrounding areas for the Filipino snack more widely known in the Philippines as turón.

    Turón is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried with brown sugar. The banana often used is the fat saba variety.

  • Purple Ice Cream
    Purple Ice Cream?
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Passionfruit? Grape? Honey Lavender? Nope!  Purple Ice Cream has to be none other than the UBE flavor of the Philippines!

    UBE (oo-beh) is Purple Yam… a root crop you dig from under the ground.

  • Pinagong: Filipino Bread
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Pinagong is a type of Filipino bread from Sariaya, a town in Quezon province.

    The name supposedly comes from the word pagong, meaning “turtle” — the shape is slightly reminiscent of the reptile. And the bread is crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside.

  • Pancit Bijon (Pansit Bihon)
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks, Noodles

    Bihon refers to a type of pancit (Chinese-influenced Filipino noodles). These are thin noodles made from rice flour. Bought dry, they look like very thin white sticks, so they are also known to English speakers as rice sticks.

  • Nilupak na Kamoteng Kahoy
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Nilupak na Kamoteng Kahoy by Angie Pastor.

    For orders in Manila, call 09369815475.

    It’s mashed cassava… See how it’s made!

  • Brown Sugar Nata Cubes & Sago Balls with Evap
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Brown Sugar Nata Cubes & Sago Balls in Bowl with Alaska Evaporated Milk. Photo by Toyang Noresa.

    In English, sago (pronounced “say-goh”) refers to a palm from which starch is extracted. In the Philippines, when you say sagó (“sah-go”) the first thing that springs to mind is something that looks like the tapioca pearls used in boba drinks in the United States.

  • Stik-O Wafer Sticks of the Philippines
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Stik-O is a popular brand of chocolate-flavored wafer sticks in the Philippines. Recently, there have been newer flavors like ube, strawberry and coconut pandan.

  • Biscocho from Batangas
    Posted in: Biskuwit, Filipino Snacks

    Photo by Mildred Cruz of Biscocho from the Panaderia Pantoja branch in the province of Batangas.

    What is Biscocho? A hard pastry strongly associated with Iloilo province, biscocho is essentially bread that is baked to a toast, and then topped or coated with butter and sugar, sometimes garlic.

  • Bila-bilaong Palitaw
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks, Kakanin

    Palitao are rice patties cooked in boiling water, drained, then served topped with grated coconut, toasted sesame seeds, and white sugar.

    In the Tagalog language, palitaw means “to surface” and this refers to the flat oval-shaped pieces of rice dough floating to the top of boiling water once they are cooked.

  • Nilagang Kamote, Asukal at Dari Creme
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Nilagang Kamote, Asukal at Dari Creme by Mayette M. Garcia.

    Boiled Sweet Potatoes, White Sugar, and Dari Creme.