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Fish in Philippine Cuisine: Isda

Isda at Gulay

“Isda at Gulay” (Fish & Vegetables) by Tina Carolino

  • Vacuum-packed Tinapang Bangus
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    Vacuum-packed Tinapang Bangus (Smoked Milkfish) by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

    Tinapa refers to fish that has been smoked. The finished product has a discernibly yellow or even orange tint.

  • Tangigue with calamansi
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    Tanigue with calamansi by Angie Pastor.

  • Sariwang Dulong: Kinilaw
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    Sariwang Dulong na Kinilaw. Prepared and Photographed by Eva Argenos.

    Dulong is a term commonly used in the Philippines to describe a set of small fishes caught using fine-meshed nets (i.e., with a mesh size of less than 3 cm).

  • Ayungin Daing
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    Photo by Mommy Shelette of daing na ayungin.

    Ayungin is a freshwater fish known in English as silver perch. It is endemic to the Philippines!

  • Fish Caldereta
    Fish Caldereta
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    Fish Caldereta by Beth Ancaja… Kaldereta is traditionally made with goat meat. Substitutions are common, and particularly since it is the Lenten season, fish can be used to substitute for the usual meat as well.

  • Pritong Tamban
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    Pritong Tamban by Beth Ancaja.

    Tamban is sort of like the Philippine fish Tawilis, except that Tamban is saltwater, while Tawilis is freshwater.

  • Lapu-Lapu fish.
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    Lapu-Lapu fish. Photo by Angie Pastor.

    Recipes and more information about lapu-lapu after the website upgrade. Please check back soon!

  • Fried Tulingan Fish
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    Fried Tulingan by Eva Argenos.

    Tulingan (bullet fish / mackerel tuna) is a fish widely available in the province of Batangas.

  • Pesang Lapu-Lapu
    Pesang Lapu-Lapu
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    Pesang Lapu-Lapu by Toyang Noresa.

    In Tagalog, pesa refers to a type of stew with ginger, while lapu-lapu is a type of grouper fish. Pesa is usually associated with dalag (mudfish), but of course there are many variations. You can even make a pesa with chicken!