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Fish in Philippine Cuisine: Isda

Isda at Gulay

“Isda at Gulay” (Fish & Vegetables) by Tina Carolino

  • Sinabawang Maya-Maya
    Sinabawang Maya-Maya
    Posted in: Fish

    Sinabawang Maya-Maya by Mommy Shelette. Maya-Maya is the Tagalog name for the red snapper fish, and sinabawan means sabaw (broth) has been added to it… In essence, it’s red snapper cooked in broth. Red Snapper, Philippine Lemongrass, Ginger, Onions, Tomatoes Mga Sangkap ng Sinabawang Maya-Maya isda, tanglad, luya, sibuyas, kamatis

  • Pesang Tilapia
    Pesang Tilapia
    Posted in: Fish

    Pesang Tilapia by Mommy Shelette.

    Tilapia is a favorite fish to eat in the Philippines. It can be fried or grilled, or in the case of the dish pesang tilapia, cooked with ginger in a stew.

  • Crispy Tawilis with Vinegar
    Crispy Tawilis
    Posted in: Fish

    Crispy Tawilis with Vinegar by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

  • Kinilaw na Tugnos
    Posted in: Fish

    Very small fish with translucent bodies. They swim in schools and fisherfolk use a pail to scoop them from the water. Tugnos can be “cooked” in vinegar and eaten raw as kinilaw. In Bohol, they are also made into patties and fried into maruya or small pancakes.