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Filipino Food: The Fruits of the Philippines

  • Mangosteen Fruits
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    A popular fruit in the Philippines, associated with the Davao area in Mindanao… now in a bottled drink?

  • Carabao Mangoes (Manggang Kalabaw )
    Carabao Mangoes (Manggang Kalabaw)
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    The most common variety of mango in the Philippines is what Americans refer to as champagne mango. It’s been called Manila mango, Ataulfo mango (named after its Mexican grower) and Honey mango. Filipinos call it manggang kalabaw (carabao mango) while the Philippine government refers to it as ‘Manila Super Mango.’

  • Baguio strawberries. Photo by Angie Pastor.
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    Photo of Baguio strawberries by Angie Pastor.

    Do strawberries even grow in such a hot tropical country like the Philippines? Yes, in the high-altitude mountainous regions of the island of Luzon! The city of Baguio is particularly famous for strawberries and strawberry products, such as jam.

  • bignay
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    These fruits have been called Queensland cherries, Philippine wild cherries, Philippine blackberries, and tree currants.

  • Pomelos from Davao, Philippines
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    Pomelos from Davao on sale in Manila. Photo by Angie Pastor.

    Suha is the Filipino word for the large citrus fruit more commonly known as “pomelo” in English-speaking countries.

  • batwan fruits
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    These batwan fruits are used as souring agents in Ilonggo cuisine.

  • susung damulag
    Batag Kabalang
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    This is the Bicolano name for the fruit that the Tagalogs call susung kalabaw (carabao’s teats).

    Scientific name: Uvaria rufa (Anonaceae)

  • Terong Susu (Nipple Fruit)
    Utong (Mickey Mouse Fruit)
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    * Not a widely seen or known fruit in the Philippines. An orange fruit found in the Visayas and Mindanao region of the Philippines, its scientific name is Solanum mammosum. Utong is the Tagalog word for “nipple.” Known as terong susu in the Malay language. Sold in Japan. Known as “fox face.” English speakers refer […]

  • Durian Fruit from Davao, Philippines
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    Durian fruit from Davao — for sale in Metro Manila. Photo by Angie Pastor.

    The durián is the fruit of a tree belonging to the genus Durio and the Malvaceae family. People often mistake it for the jackfruit but it is different.

    The flesh of the durián emits a distinctive odour even when its husk is intact.

  • Makopa (Macopa) Fruit
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    Makopa (macopa), malay apple, Syzygium malaccense, Hong hua qing tao…

    White and relatively soft but crunchy and juicy flesh encased in beautiful pink to red skin.

  • Tabon-Tabon (Philippine Fruit)
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    Tabon-tabon is a wild tropical fruit known for being an ingredient in kilawin.