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Exotic? Monkey-eating eagles, pupa of honeybees, birds’ nests, freshwater beetles, sea urchins, lizards, iguanas, pythons, octopus, field rats… tastes like chicken!

The tabon bird of Palawan lays only two eggs, and one of them is sure to get egg-napped.

Freswater maliputo and tawilis — fish caught only in the Pansipit River and Taal Lake of Batangas.

Eel cooked in yellow ginger.

  • Inabraw
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    Philippine dish INABRAW by voxmarc. Inabraw is another name for the famous Ilocano dish Dinengdeng. It is a nutritious medley of vegetables simmered in bagoong (fermented fish sauce). Recipes and more information to be posted after the website upgrade. Please check back!

  • Gata
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    Gata is coconut milk. ILANG MAHAHALAGANG PAALAALA UKOL SA GATA Kapag ginatungan ang gata ng niyog nang hindi hinahalo ay mabubuu-buo o makukulta at maglalangis. Kaya upang hindi makulta, huwag lulubayan ng mahinay na paghalo hangga’t hindi kumukulo. PAANO MAGHANDA NG SARIWANG GATA NG NIYOG Magkayod ng sariwang niyog. Sa bawa’t isang tasa ng kinayod […]

  • Buko: Young Coconuts in the Philippines
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    Buko (often stylistically spelled as buco) is young coconut. Its flesh is soft, thin and silky — you can easily scrape it off with a spoon. To compare, the flesh of a mature coconut is niyog, which is thick and hard and needs to be grated off the shell. There is buko juice, but no […]

  • Tokwa't Baboy in Bowl with Spoon
    Tokwa’t Baboy
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    Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu & Pork) by Kaycel Corral. Recipe with more photos and information to be added after the site revamp. Please check back. Thanks!

  • Pork BBQ skewers and rice on sizzling plate
    The Language of Food
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    Ang Wika ng Pagkain 1. When uncertain as to what gift would be appropriate, give food. Kung hindi sigurado kung anong regalo ang naaayon, magbigay ng pagkain. 2. When you like someone and wish to know him/her better, invite the person to share a meal with. Kung may gusto ka sa isang tao at nais […]

  • Filipino Sopas and Pork BBQ
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    Filipino Sopas and Pork BBQ. Originally from the Spanish for “soup,” these days the term sopas in Filipino cuisines most often refers to a soup with pasta in it, like macaroni.   Sopas A La Conde   Maglaga ng habitsuwelas sa sabaw ng karne o isda. Hayaang malabog nang kaunti. Pagkatapos ay salain at saka […]

  • SuTuKil (Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw)
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    SuTuKil is a combination of the Visayan words sugba (grill), tuwa (stew), and kilaw (eat seafood raw).   There are many SuTuKil restaurants catering to tourists in Cebu. Pronounced “sue to kill.” More photos and information to be added here after the website upgrade. Thanks for your patience!

  • Binangi
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    Binanging Saging is “Inihaw na Saging” (grilled banana). The banana used is often the fat saba variety. Binanging Mais is grilled corn. Fish can also be binangi.

  • Sinaing sa Kawayan (Rice in Bamboo)
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    Sinaing refers to boiled or steamed rice.

    Rice is often cooked in an iron pot, traditionally in a clay pot, and these days using a electric rice-cooker.

  • Pinakro
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    Banana… coconut milk… Page content being updated… Please check back soon. Thank you!