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Exotic? Monkey-eating eagles, pupa of honeybees, birds’ nests, freshwater beetles, sea urchins, lizards, iguanas, pythons, octopus, field rats… tastes like chicken!

The tabon bird of Palawan lays only two eggs, and one of them is sure to get egg-napped.

Freswater maliputo and tawilis — fish caught only in the Pansipit River and Taal Lake of Batangas.

Eel cooked in yellow ginger.

  • Almusal: Tusilog at Kape
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    Photo by Ahljhon Miranda of a favorite Filipino breakfast combination. Tuyosilog (tuyo, sinangag, itlog) Dried fish + Fried rice + Fried egg Almusal is the Filipino word for “breakfast.” The native Tagalog word is agahan, from the word aga (“early”).

  • Ensaladang Filipino
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    Photo by Kaycel Corral of Ensaladang Filipino at Lorenzo’s Way.

    Components: sayote tops, hilaw na mangga (unripe mangoes), okra, kamatis (tomatoes), native ampalaya (bitter gourd), talong (eggplant)

  • Crispy Kangkong (Filipino)
    Crispy Kangkong
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    Photo by Mildred Cruz of Crispy Kangkong served at a birthday party. Kangkong is a semi-aquatic tropical plant that’s a popular vegetable in the Philippines. Its name has been translated into English as swamp cabbage or river spinach.   More information and perhaps a recipe after the website upgrade. Please check back. 🙂

  • Media Noche Philippines
    Media Noche
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    Featured photo by Angie Pastor.

    Media Noche in the Philippines is New Year’s Eve, during which everyone looks forward to the large spread of food to feast on. 🙂

  • Kesong Puti at Kanto Freestyle
    Kesong Puti
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    Photo by Leslie Bernarte: “Kanto Freestyle garlic chicken, sinangag with side of tomato & kesong puti + pesto” Kesong Puti literally means “white cheese” in Tagalog.

  • White Eggs
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    The Tagalog word for “egg” is itlog.

    In the Philippines, eggs are often plainly eaten boiled or fried. They can be mixed in with ingredients to make sarciado or torta. And of course, they are used in many Filipino pastries and baked goods!

  • Photo by Eva Argenos.
    Images of Filipino Food
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    Featured photo by Eva Argenos. This page is in beta. We’re still just testing different ways of organizing and presenting contributions and submissions. Thank you for your patience! LEMON SQUARE® Whatta Tops Mango Graham (Mango Cream-Filled Cupcake with Mango and Graham Topping) Company : Big “E” Food Corporation Registration No. : FR-135862 Validity Date : […]

  • San Miguel's Christmas Song: Itaas Mo
    San Miguel Beer’s Christmas Song
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    San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen TVC (2004) – Perfect Christmas Song 45 seconds – sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas

    Featuring: Group Lead – PBA Players, Judy Ann Santos, Francine Prieto, Chito Miranda and Parokya ni Edgar, et al.