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Ice Candy

Ice Candy - Langka flavor

Guess what flavor of ice candy this is… 🙂

Ice candy is a very popular treat in the Philippines, particularly during the summer months of April and May.

Many enterprising Filipinos sell these heat busters because they’re very easy to make. Pour some juice into the slender plastic bags, tie the open end, and then place in the freezer.

There is a known brand called Frostee Ice Candy, which is a pack of factory-made treats.

More photos and additional information after the website upgrade. Please check back.

And by the way, what’s your favorite flavor? 😛

Nominees: mangga (manggo), buko salad (coconut ++), milk & oreo, pinya (pineapple), abukado (avocado), ube (purple yam), milon (cantaloupe melon), matamis na mais (sweet corn)

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