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Jumping Salad

Fresh Shrimps in Ilocano Jumping Salad

Fresh Shrimps in Ilocano Jumping Salad

Mga Sangkap:
buhay na hipon
katas ng kalamansi
tinadtad na sibuyas

Ingredients for Jumping Salad:
live freshwater shrimp
calamansi juice
chopped onions

It’s called Jumping Salad because the shrimp are still alive and are frisky when sprinkled with the citrus juice.

Small freshwater prawns locally called apta, yapyap (Tagalog), daliw-daliw, or koros (Ilocano)… These prawns belong to the family Atyidse. They are abundant in large freshwater lakes, especially Laguna de Bay and Taal Lake, where they are caught in large quantities by means of scissors-nets,
such as the salap and sakdg.

This crustacean is eaten fresh, or salted and made into a fermented product called alamang. It is also simply dried and sold as dry prawn. When the supply is abundant, it is prepared as protein feed for ducks and chickens or converted into some form of fertilizer. The local price of this product varies from 1 peso (50 cents United States currency) to 2.50 pesos a cavan.

^ A cavan is 25 gantas. A ganta is equivalent to 3 liters or 3.3036 quarts.

Although these prawns are widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics, very little has been written on their distribution and systematics in the Philippines.

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