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Macapuno Candy

Macapuno candies

Macapuno is a very special kind of soft coconut meat.

The Philippine Coconut Authority translates macapuno as coconut “sport” — it is technically the very soft endosperm of coconuts. It contains high levels of galactomannan, a polysaccharide that is classified as a gum. It is galactomannan that gives makapuno its jelly-like solid endosperm and highly viscous liquid endosperm.

.Dolores Ramirez of the University of the Philippines at Los Baños (UPLB) is widely credited for working on the genetic systems controlling the macapuno endosperm of coconuts.

Macapuno is considered a delicacy in the Philippines. It is preserved in heavy sugar syrup, usually as long shreds. You can buy bottled macapuno, which can be used as an ingredient in haluhalo. It is  also a popular flavor of ice cream.

And of course there’s macapuno-ube cake and macapuno candy balls!

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Hi, I’m a food engineering student (yes meron po nun, hindi lang food tech). Very popularar na nga po ngayon ang products from macapuno meat, pero kailangan po namin ng product development using macapuno water. Nagreresearch mo kami kaso ang nakikita nain ay puro coconut water, ano po kayang possible na magawa sa macapuno water?