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Mango Sago Gulaman

Mango Gulaman

The Filipino treat Sago’t Gulaman is a refreshing blend of pieces of gulaman (seaweed-derived “gelatin”) and sago pearls.

Here’s a simple recipe for a mango twist. 🙂


1 sachet ZANG Gulaman clear (unflavored)
12 cups Water
1 cup Sugar
2 bottles of mango puree (500 mL)
cooked sago


  1. Dissolve the gulaman and sugar in the 12 cups of water. Heat with constant stirring until boiling.
  2. Pour into mold and chill. Once the gulaman has set, slice into cubes.
  3. Mix the gulaman cubes with the cooked sago and mango puree. Chill.
  4. Pour into desired container and serve.

Optional: Top with vanilla ice cream!

* The Tagalog word for “mango” is mangga.

Mango Gulaman

Recipe by Zang Gulaman www.zang.com.ph

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