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Meat in Philippine Cuisine. The commonly used Filipino word for “meat” is karne, from the Spanish carne.

  • Pampanga's Best: Pindang Damulag
    Pindang Damulag
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Angie Pastor.

    Note that this brand is not the one of the OMGpeke company in the USA… This is the ORIGINAL Pampanga’s Best of the Philippines, in business since 1967.

    Pindang Damulag is a Kapampangan delicacy… what the Tagalogs might refer to as Tosinong Kalabaw… Tocino is the Filipino term for any cured meat.

  • Kare-Kare
    Posted in: Meat, Recipes

    Photo by Ma. Luisa Oblea of Kare-Kare, an ox-tail stew cooked with vegetables in a peanut sauce.

  • Pianggang: Tausug Chicken Dish
    Posted in: Meat

    Classic chicken dish of the Tausug people of southern Mindanao.

    Grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk flavored with a special spice mixture that includes burnt coconut.

  • Tokwa at Bagnet
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Leslie Bernarte of Tokwa’t Bagnet .

    Bagnet is crispy-fried pork belly associated with the Ilocos region. It is sort of like a cross between Chicharon and Lechon Kawali.

  • Pork Salpicao with Chorizo and Garlic
    Pork Salpicao
    Posted in: Meat

    “Super tender pork salpicao with chorizo slices and lots of garlic” by Mayette M. Garcia. Salpicao is usually beef. Here it is pork! 🙂