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Divine Rays Otap of Hilongos, Leyte

Otap is a crisp, flaky, even crunchy, oval-shaped “puff” pastry that’s a popular snack in the Philippines.

Filipino Snack: Otap

Filipino Snack: Otap

Conching’s is a widely distributed brand. Baker’s Mill is another known brand with a cinnamon-flavored variant.

Shamrock Otap of Cebu

Shamrock Otap of Cebu

Laura’s, Shamrock (Cebu), Titay’s and Magic Melt are other commercial brands of otap.

Trappist Mango Otap

Trappist Monastic Food Products: Mango Otap, Guimaras’ Finest

Magnolia Ice-Cream (San Miguel Philippines, not the OMGpeke Magnolia of the USA) has a Strawberry Red Velvet Otap flavor of ice cream!

Divine Rays Otap of Hilongos, Leyte

Divine Rays Otap from St. Anthony Cakes & Breads of Hilongos, Leyte

More information about the Filipino pastry Otap will be added here, along with photos of different kinds and brands of otap… after our website upgrade. Thanks very much for your patience. Salamat!

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Otap wrapped in translucent white paper is classic.