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Ms. Universe Pia Wurtbach’s Tweet About Siwon’s “Balot”

Pia's Tweet Re Siwon's Balot

On the night of the Miss Universe pageant, one of our Twitter admins randomly posted a tweet referencing Pia Wurtzbach (reigning Miss Philippines, competing in Las Vegas) and her man being willing to eat balut.

Unrelated to that… After the controversial announcement of her winning the contest, a few bored netizens (not us) dug up a couple of racy tweets posted by Pia back in 2009 at the height of her admiration for the South Korean pop group Super Junior.

This tweet caught the most attention:

Sarap talaga ng balot ni Siwon Choi. Ibang klaseng itlog. Lalo na yung may laman at sabaw… Tangina. Sarap mo, Siwon…

Screenshot preserved for posterity:

Pia's Tweet Re Siwon's Balot

The tone, content, and writing of her tweets give folks the impression that she must have posted them while inebriated, extremely deprived of sleep, or under medication.

For the non-Filipinos who have just stumbled upon this page and are not familiar with the Tagalog language and Philippine food terms, balut, often also spelled as balot, is a cooked duck egg that’s cracked open for eating. It contains sabaw (juice/fluid). The laman is the “meat” or “flesh” that could be the egg yolk, the duck embryo, and whatever else is inside the eggshell.

Balut with Black Chick Inside

Balut with Chick Inside

The translation of Pia’s tweet could be thus: Siwon Choi’s balot really is delicious. A different kind of egg. Especially that with meat and juice… Damn. You’re really delicious, Siwon.

Siwon Choi and His Balot

This is Siwon Choi of the Kpop group SuJu.

In the 24 hours since her win, Pia has deleted that particular tweet about Choi Siwon’s balot… but her other fan-girling posts remain, such as the following:

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach's Words After Sex Tweet

All in fun… It was more than six years ago when she was much younger, around 19 or 20 years old, and who hasn’t posted tweets in one’s youth that are later deemed questionable, right?

Miss Universe Tweets About Siwon Choi

Miss Universe Tweets About Siwon Choi

Choi Siwon

Balut oh yeah…

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