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Filipino Food Recipes

  • Filipino Morcon from Bataan
    Posted in: Meat, Recipes

    Featured photo is of Morcon made in Bataan in February 2016.

    Morcon (Murkon in Tagalog orthography) is a popular holiday dish during the Christmas season in the Philippines. It is a meat roll stuffed with sausage or hotdogs, carrots, pickles, cheese, and egg.

  • Aceitunas Aliniadas
    Posted in: Recipes

    This recipe for Aceitunas Aliniadas (aceitunas aliñadas) treats was used by the nuns of Santa Clara for making the jarred olives that were Christmas gifts to the Spanish friars.

    Olives are imported because they do not grow natively in the tropics.

  • Sarsa
    Posted in: Recipes

    Recipe in Tagalog for “Sarsa Supreme” — sauce for grilled, fried o baked fish, shrimp, beef or pork.

  • Pancit Molo
    Pancit Molo
    Posted in: Recipes

    Pancit Molo is a Chinese-influenced dish associated with Visayan cuisine. It is similar to pork wonton soup.

  • Shredded Labong (Bamboo Shoots)
    Posted in: Recipes, Vegetables

    Shredded Labong (Bamboo Shoots). Photo by Angie Pastor.

    Labong is the Tagalog word for “bamboo shoots.”

  • Tortang Upo
    Posted in: Recipes

    Mga Sangkap: 3 tasang upo 3 itlog 1/2 tasang arina 1 sibuyas asin Gayating pino ang upo. Lagyan ng kaunting asin at sibuyas. Batihin ang itlog at ihalo sa upo, saka ihalo sa arina. Gawing parang “patties” at prituhin sa marami at mainit na langis. This recipe for Tortang Upo will be translated into English […]

  • chicken freshly killed
    Posted in: Meat, Recipes

    Pakam is a chicken dish from the province of Bulacan.