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Sinturis citrus fruits

Sinturis is a native Tagalog word for the citrus fruit known widely by the Spanish-derived name dalanghita.

The usage occurs mostly in the province of Batangas, a bulwark of “deep” Tagalog words.

The scientific name of the sinturis plant is Citrus nobilis.

Spelling variations: sintones, sintunis

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I panicked when I could not recall the Tagalog word for lime. Well, here it is: “dayap.” Thanks, I feel better now.

I came from the eastern part of Laguna and the dayap I knew was oval shaped, like Bearss, but smaller. The round Key limes we called “montay.”

In my hometown, kalamansi is called “sintones.”

You have a lovely website. God bless you. Maraming salamat.