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banana leaves

Banana Leaves in Philippine Cuisine.

  • Binutong Pouches on Bilao
    Posted in: General Info

    Photos by SuperNam25. Binutong is a native treat from Bicol province. How to make binutong?   Cook malagkit (glutinous rice) in gata (coconut cream), sugar, and some salt. While still not yet fully cooked, place a scoop of the mixture in a spread of layered banana leaves. Gather the edges of the banana leaves and […]

  • Chicken adobo with rice, and salted egg on banana leaf.
    Chicken Adobo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Jeric Travis of chicken adobo with rice and salted egg on banana leaf. Adobong manok na may kasamang itlog na maalat at kanin. Nakahain sa dahon ng saging. Recipe to be posted soon!