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Bangus is the Tagalog word for “milkfish” — a very popular fish extensively cooked and eaten in the Philippines. Grilled, dried, fried, or as a main ingredient in sinigang.

  • Daing na Bangus with Atsara
    Posted in: Fish

    Daing is a type of dried fish. It goes very well with steamed white rice… and even tsampurado! This page will be updated with more information and photos. Please check back soon. Salamat!

  • Vacuum-packed Tinapang Bangus
    Posted in: Fish

    Vacuum-packed Tinapang Bangus (Smoked Milkfish) by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

    Tinapa refers to fish that has been smoked. The finished product has a discernibly yellow or even orange tint.

  • Sinigang na Bangus
    Sinigang na Bangus
    Posted in: Recipes

    Bangus is milkfish, the fish most commonly used in recipes for sinigang na isda (sour stew of fish). This recipe is for sinigang na bangus. Ingredients for Sinigang na Bangus   * 1 piece large bangus, cleaned and sliced into serving pieces * 5 cups water * 1 small ginger, sliced * 2 pieces tomatoes, […]

  • Bangus (Milkfish)
    Posted in: Fish

    Bangus is the Tagalog word for “milkfish.” The fish’s scientific name is Chanos chanos. What can we make with bangus? Paksiw, sinigang, relleno, adobo, pinaputok, escabeche, sisig, bangus sa tausi…

  • Pesang Bangus
    Posted in: General Info

    Pesang Bangus by Mommy Shelette. In Tagalog, pesa refers to a type of stew with ginger, while bangus is milkfish. Pesa is usually associated with dalag (mudfish), but of course there are many variations. You can even make a pesa with chicken! That would be called pesang manok. It’s been said that the word pesa […]