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The Citrus Fruit of Tropical Paradise

Calamansi: Fresh Fruits & Juice

The refreshing sour taste of calamansi juice will stimulate your senses! ;)

  • Calamansi Fruits Sliced into Halves
    Posted in: Fruits

    Calamansi is the citrus fruit of the Philippines! It’s very round and fairly small… In fact, one can’t think of a smaller-sized citrus fruit… Hmm… Calamansi juice cleanse, anyone?

  • Calamansi Juice
    Calamansi Juice
    Posted in: Drinks

    With these cute-sized Philippine fruits being much smaller than their cousins, making fresh calamansi juice used to be such an arduous chore and was done only when your mom wanted to give your poor sick body a healthy dose of vitamin C. These days though, modern technology has made the task much easier, with bottles of calamansi juice abounding on store shelves.

  • Fried Talakitok with Calamansi
    Pritong Talakitok
    Posted in: Fish

    Fried Talakitok with Calamansi by Angie Pastor. Filipinos use the word talakitok for various species of fish, most commonly the jack or bigeye trevally. Another common English translation for it is cavalla. More info after the website update. Do check back!

  • Kalamansi Pie
    Kalamansi Pie
    Posted in: Recipes

    Kalamansi is a round Philippine citrus fruit known for its small size and thin green rind. It is very sour. INGREDIENTS FOR KALAMANSI PIE 1 envelope unflavored Knox gelatin 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 cup refined sugar 4 eggs, separated 1/2 cup kalamansi juice 1/4 cup water 2 teaspoons kalamansi rind, grated 1 nine-inch diameter baked […]