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  • Tablea
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    Philippine tablea is roasted, ground and molded nibs of fermented pure (100%) cacao beans without added ingredients and additives.

  • Ricoa Chocolates: Flat Tops
    Flat Tops
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    Ricoa Bite-Size Chocolates: Flat Tops. Photo by Mildred Cruz.

    Ingredients: Milk Solids, Refined Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifiers, Salt, Vanillin, Cinnamon…

  • RICOA Big Top - Chocolate Candies
    Big Top
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    Big Top is one of the lesser known RICOA chocolate candies, taking the spot behind the way more popular Curly Tops and Flat Tops. These are sort of like the poor man’s M&Ms.

  • RICOA Rico Nuts
    Rico Nuts
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    Rico Nuts from the RICOA brand, whose product line more notably includes Curly Tops and Flat Tops.

    These are pieces of milk chocolate with cashew nuts!

  • Champurado with Milk in White Bowl
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    Photo by Mary Rizale.

    The word is from the Spanish champurrado, a traditional hot drink in Latin America. In the Philippines, tsamporado / tsampurado / champorado / champurado is chocolate-flavored rice porridge.

  • Philippine Cacao Fruits on Tree
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    Kakaw… Philippine cacao fruits can claim credit for some of the world’s best chocolates!

    A tree crop that has been grown in the Philippines since the 17th century, cacao is the raw material for cocoa items like butter, powder, chocolate candy, and liqueurs.