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  • Sinturis citrus fruits
    Posted in: Fruits

    A native Tagalog word for the citrus fruit known widely by the Spanish-derived name dalanghita.

  • Calamansi Fruits Sliced into Halves
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    Calamansi is the citrus fruit of the Philippines! It’s very round and fairly small… In fact, one can’t think of a smaller-sized citrus fruit… Hmm… Calamansi juice cleanse, anyone?

  • dayap fruits
    Posted in: Fruits

    Dayap is the key lime familiar to Westerners, though few know that it’s actually a native plant of Southeast Asia.

    Scientific name: Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle.

  • Dalandan o Dalanghita?
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    Photo by Angie Pastor.

    Scientific name of dalandan: Citrus aurantium.

    To compare, the similar-looking dalanghita has the scientific name Citrus nobilis.