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Nilagang Mais (Boiled Corn)

Nilagang Puting Mais (Boiled White Corn) by John Braza.

  • Binatog
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    Photo of Binatog by Mildred Cruz.

    Binatog is simply boiled corn kernels! It’s a popular Filipino snack that you can also buy at many roadside stalls in the Philippines.

  • Nana Rosa's chicacorn from Ilocos
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    Photo by MeNi C.

    Chichacorn is a semi-popped style of cornick that uses glutinous corn, which is treated with lime before frying. The name is a combination of the words chicharon (crispy pork rinds) and corn.

  • Multicolored Corn from the Philippines
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    Photo by Mildred Cruz of corn from the province of Pangasinan.

    The Tagalog word for ‘corn’ is mais, from the Spanish maiz.

  • Chippy Barbecue-Flavored Corn Chips
    Chippy Corn Chips
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    Photo by Angie Pastor of Chippy barbecue-flavored corn chips. Chippy is a Philippine brand of corn chips that are rectangular shaped, often curled in the middle. It was first launched in the late 1960s along with Chiz Curls as the initial products of the snack foods category under the Jack ‘n Jill megabrand.

  • Mahablankang Mais
    Mahablankong Mais
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    From the Spanish maja blanca. Mahablanka / Mahablanko is a white coconut pudding. This version has corn in it. MGA SANGKAP PARA SA MAHABLANKONG MAIS 2 litrong darak ng mais na pino 1 litrong galapon na bigas 1/2 kilong asukal na repinado 2 niyog na ginata at sinala PARAAN NG PAGGAWA Unahin ang gata. Isunod […]

  • Pack of Sweet Cornsnak from the Philippines
    Sweet Cornsnak
    Posted in: Chichirya, Filipino Snacks

    Pack of Sweet Cornsnak from the Philippines. Photo by Soundtech27. This is a type of tsitsirya (munchable junk food). The ingredients include vegetable oil, corn flavor, MSG, and food coloring.

  • Safari Garlic Chili corn snack
    Safari Cornicks
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Filipino corn nuts… Compared to the American variety, cornick pieces are typically smaller and crispier. Garlic is the most common flavor. And the most popular brand of cornicks in the Philippines is arguably Boy Bawang (“Garlic Boy”). However, before there was the marketing-wise Boy Bawang, there was the humble Safari brand!