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Filipino Lumpia (Spring Rolls / Egg Rolls)

  • Lumpia in aluminum foil tray
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    Photo: Lumpia in aluminum foil tray. Lumpia are Southeast Asian spring rolls. There are three main types of Filipino lumpia. 1. prito (fried) 2. sariwa (fresh) 3. hubad (unwrapped) Lumpiang prito may have any combination of minced meat, vegetables or fish. Lumpiang sariwa contains sauteed vegetables. Lumpiang hubad refers to the lumpia’s filling eaten unwrapped, […]

  • Closeup of Lumpiang Ubod Ingredients
    Lumpiang Ubod
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    Also known as lumpiang sariwa (fresh lumpia). Ubod is the heart of the coconut palm where the leaves and the nuts are formed. The tree dies when the ubod is removed. The Visayans who started this kind of lumpia set aside enclosures of coconut trees barely a foot apart, all meant to be cut down […]

  • Lumpiang Buko
    Lumpiang Buko
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    MGA SANGKAP 5 buko 1/4 kilong hipon 30 balat ng lumpiya (malalaki) pamintang durog asin (pino) mantika PARAAN NG PAGLULUTO Ihalabos nang malasado ang hipon, balatan, at saka alisan ng ulo. This Lumpiyang Buko recipe will be completed and translated into English soon… after the website upgrade. Thanks! There are three main types of lumpia. […]