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Filipino Food: Pulburon (Polvoron)… It’s sort of like compressed powder…

  • Goldilocks Polvoron
    Goldilocks Polvoron
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    Goldilocks is a Philippine bakeshop chain that manufactures and packages different flavors of pulburon. The Filipino word comes from the Spanish polvoron. Goldilocks calls it “shortbread cookies.” Goldilocks Canada has referred to polvoron as “Manila shortbread,” describing it as a “sweet mixture of toasted flour, milk, butter and sugar, that is then molded.”

  • House of Polvoron: Choco Covered
    House of Polvoron
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    House of Polvoron (HOP) is one of the most prominent brands of pulburon in the Philippines. The company describes pulburon on the product packaging as “powdered-milk candies” and has the tagline: “What POLVORON should BE.”