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Rice has many different terms in the Filipino language… Cooked rice (steamed) is called kanin and accompanies most meals. Uncooked rice is called bigas. Rice still with the husks on is called palay.

Expensive special upland varieties like Milagrosa, Sampaguita, and Dinorado possess distinctive flavors.

  • Java Rice & BBQ meal on banana leaf
    Java Rice
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    This “yellow” rice is often paired with barbecue pork or chicken (inihaw na baboy o manok).

    How to make java rice? The ingredients are steamed white rice, achuete, turmeric powder…

  • Champurado with Milk in White Bowl
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    Photo by Mary Rizale.

    The word is from the Spanish champurrado, a traditional hot drink in Latin America. In the Philippines, tsamporado / tsampurado / champorado / champurado is chocolate-flavored rice porridge.

  • Biko Topped with Latik
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    Biko topped with latik made and photographed by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila: 09369815475

    In the Philippines, BIKO is the name of popular sweet treat whose main ingredient is sticky rice. It is a favorite thing to eat in the lead up towards the New Year.

  • Lugaw
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    Lugaw is a Filipino dish traditionally thought of a soft food for sick people. But this rice porridge can be enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, and even as a meal in itself. Some meat is added to the rice for nutritional value. Chicken bones and ginger are favorite ingredients.

  • White Rice on Plate with Spoon and Fork
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    The main staple of Filipino cuisine is rice. Almost every Filipino meal has rice as a background for ulam. Salty and sour dishes are not meant to be eaten without the accompaniment of rice.

  • Kiping during Pahiyas
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    Kiping are the edible decorations that adorn the houses of Lucban in Quezon province during their Pahiyas festival.

  • Bringhe: Kapampangan Rice Dish
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    Bringhe by Angie Pastor. For orders in the Metro Manila area, 09369815475. Bringhe is like the Kapampangan version of the Spanish dish arroz valenciana, or even of paella. Traditionally it is cooked with malagkit (glutinous rice) in gata (coconut milk), fish sauce, chicken broth and turmeric in a deep wok. During very special occasions, bringhe […]