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  • Minatamis na Saba (Sweetened Bananas)
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    Photo by Toyang Noresa. Minatamis na Saba (Sweetened Bananas). Minatamis is the Tagalog word for “sweetened” or “candied.” Philippine fruits commonly made into minatamis are saba bananas, jackfruit, kamias, and even pineapples and mangoes.

  • Maruyang Saging
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Maruyang Saging by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

    Maruya is a type of fritter that’s enjoyed by Filipino as a snack. The most commonly used main ingredient is saba, the fat banana variety that’s widely used for cooking in the Philippines.

  • Banana-Que
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    Featured photo by Mayette Garcia of Banana-Que.

    “Bananakyu…banana Q…banana cue. I honestly don’t know which is the correct spelling, basta masarap!”

  • Turon: Filipino Snack
    Turon (Sagimis)
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    Turón is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried with brown sugar. The banana often used is the fat saba variety. Jackfruit is sometimes included in the filling for a sweeter flavor.

  • Peeled Saba Bananas
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    Photo by Toyang Noresa of peeled saba bananas

    Sabá is a cooking variety of banana having the scientific name Musa saba. It has been called cardava, cardaba or kardaba in English and other languages. The Indonesians call it pisang kepok. The sabá is much fatter and starchier than the typical table banana.