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Tilapia Fish in Philippine Cuisine… Fried, Grilled, Sauced…

Inihaw na Tilapia

Inihaw na Tilapia by Mildred Cruz

  • Sarciadong Tilapia with Leftover Daing
    Sarciadong Tilapia
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    Sarciadong Tilapia with Leftover Daing by Mommy Shelette. These days the adjective sarsyado is used to describe a fried fish that has been additionally cooked by simmering with tomatoes and onions, and often a beaten egg. The word derives from the Spanish salsa, which means “sauce.” Spelling variations: sarsyado, sarsiyado, sarciado, sarsiado From the 1940s, […]

  • Pesang Tilapia
    Pesang Tilapia
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    Pesang Tilapia by Mommy Shelette.

    Tilapia is a favorite fish to eat in the Philippines. It can be fried or grilled, or in the case of the dish pesang tilapia, cooked with ginger in a stew.