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  • Tortang Upo
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    Mga Sangkap: 3 tasang upo 3 itlog 1/2 tasang arina 1 sibuyas asin Gayating pino ang upo. Lagyan ng kaunting asin at sibuyas. Batihin ang itlog at ihalo sa upo, saka ihalo sa arina. Gawing parang “patties” at prituhin sa marami at mainit na langis. This recipe for Tortang Upo will be translated into English […]

  • Tortang Giniling
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    In Philippine cuisine, torta generally refers to an egg omelet. (Though certain regions like Cebu have a torta that’s a cake.) There are primally two common types of torta: Tortang talong is a whole flattened eggplant dipped in egg and fried. Tortang giniling is ground pork in an egg batter that is fried.

  • Tortang Giniling
    Tortang Giniling
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    Tortang Giniling by Mommy Shelette. Filipino language lesson! Torta can be called an “omelet” in English. Giniling is the word for “ground” as in grinded pork. Tortang Giniling is an omelet whose main ingredient is ground pork. Recipe and more to be posted after the website upgrade… Do check back soon!