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Thunder Park Feasts on Filipino Food

Thunder Eats Filipino Food!

Park Sang-Hyun, former member of the South Korean boy band MBLAQ, is apparently in the Philippines feasting on Filipino food with friends.

Here’s his three-photo post on Instagram, dated September 27, 2017 (local time).

He identified his location as Star City, an amusement park in Pasay.

Better known by his stage name Thunder (천둥, pronounced and romanized as Cheondung), the Kpop heartthrob is famously also the brother of Sandara Park. Both siblings are huge stars in their home country and are well-loved in the Philippines on account of their having grown up in the tropics and being able to speak Tagalog. In fact, they speak English with a marked Filipino accent!

Thunder Eats Filipino Food!

Can you identify what Filipino dishes he and his friends were eating?


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