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Titay's Rosquillos

Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos & Delicacies, Inc. is a maker of biscuits, pastries and breads. They are most famous for their Rosquillos Corazon, Otap, Galletas del Carmen, Galletas de Bato, and Hojaldres.

Rosquillos The Original, with over a hundred years of history, is a round scallop-edged biscuit. Wear one on each finger of your hand the way kids do! Or better yet, dip in coffee.

A lovely innovation, Rosquillos Corazon have heart-shaped centers!

Galletas del Carmen. A thick-crust biscuit like the traditional hard Spanish biscuit called galleta.

Galletas de Bato. Spanish-inspired flat biscuit with a smooth edge, which differentiates it from the scallop-trimmed Galletas de Carmen.

Titay’s also makes Sinudlan, Binangkal, Penato, Caycay, Banana Chips, Barquillos, and the classic Spanish-style polvoron cookies (not the more common powdery candy that Filipinos know).

Sinudlan is a crescent-shaped cookie with a crunchy crust and a burnt sugar filling.

Titay’s Liloan has been in business since the year 1907. The company is located in Liloan, Cebu, 6002.

Contact numbers: +6332.268.2079 +6332.564.2993

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