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Turrones de Casoy

Turrones de Kasoy

Turrones de Kasoy by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

This Filipino candy is associated with the province of Pampanga. The inspiration is the Spanish turrón, which is a nougat confection made of honey, sugar and egg white, with nuts. In the case of the Philippine turrones de casoy, the cashew is what distinguishes the treat.

The Tagalog word for “cashew” is kasuy, and the spelling attached to this candy varies — from the more Spanish-looking casúy and casoy to the more nativized kasuy and kasoy.

You can quickly recognize this candy on account of the shape and the wrapper.

And as the Kapampangans say in their language: “Kanan me balat.” (You eat the wrapper.)

More photos and information after the website update. Please check back!

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Can i get an exact recipe of turrones de kasuy…this is my favorite delicacies that’s why im interested to make it