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Ulam Crackers

Lumpia Shanghai, Ma'am Inasal Ulam Crackers, Sizzling Bangus Fish Crackers

Original Lumpia Shanghai, Ma’am Inasal Ulam Crackers, Sizzling Bangus (Onion & Garlic) Fish Crackers. Photo by Soundtech27.

Ulam Crackers are a fairly recent genre of tsitsirya (munchable snacks) that are supposed to mimic the flavor of an ulam (“viand” or the dish that accompanies rice in the standard Filipino meal).

Lumpia Shanghai is a product of the IFP Manufacturing Corporation. They have “Lumpia Shanghai” crunchy curl snacks in flavors such as Cheese, Chocolate, & Sweet Corn. Available in 10-gram packs.

Ma’am Inasal” is a play on the name of the popular “Mang Inasal” chain of barbecue restaurants in the Philippines. Its tagline “ang ulam crackers)” very catchy. These crackers are manufactured by Gold Medal Food Manufacturing Company in Pasig City. In the photo is a nine-gram pack.

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