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  • Lechong Kawali
    Litsong Kawali
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Carly of Lechong Kawali, twice-cooked pork belly. What do you do with leftover litson (roasted pig)? You turn it into paksiw or litsong kawali the next day! See also: bagnet of Ilocos

  • Lechon Liempo Rolls
    Posted in: Meat

    Chinese in origin, the word liempo refers to pork belly. It is also spelled liyempo in traditional Tagalog orthography.

  • Crispy Liempo
    Crispy Liempo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo of Crispy Liempo by Leslie Bernarte. Goes well with beer 🙂

  • Kilawing Puso Ng Saging
    Kilawing Puso ng Saging
    Posted in: Recipes

    This vegetarian recipe will be properly illustrated, edited, and translated into English after the website upgrade. Please check back. Salamat 🙂 MGA SANGKAP 2 puso ng saging 1 tasang piniritong tokwa na ginayat na kudrado 1 kutsarang dinikdik na bawang Katas ng kalamansi, asin 1 ginayat na sibuyas 4 na kutsarang langis 2 tasang tubig […]

  • Kinilaw na Tugnos
    Posted in: Fish

    Very small fish with translucent bodies. They swim in schools and fisherfolk use a pail to scoop them from the water. Tugnos can be “cooked” in vinegar and eaten raw as kinilaw. In Bohol, they are also made into patties and fried into maruya or small pancakes.

  • Liyempo - Step #5: Put in a Super-Hot Oven
    How to Make Lechon Liempo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photos and Instructions by Johnard Garcia. How to make Lechon Liempo (Roasted Pork Belly) for when you can’t roast a whole pig! Step 1 – Ibabad sa brine ang karne nang magdamag. Step 2 – maghiwa ng maraming sibuyas. Step 3 – iahon ang karne at patuyuin, lagyan ng kung anu-anong mga rekado…

  • Filipino pork chop
    Pork Chop
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo of Pork Chop by Ahljhon Miranda: “Eat it while it’s crispy!” Sawsawan right by it. Check back again after the website upgrade for more photos and content. Thank you for your patience!

  • Apan-Apan
    Posted in: Vegetables

    Apan-Apan is the Ilonggo version of adobong kangkong with tsitsaron.

  • Pastillas Girl's Name
    Pastillas Girl
    Posted in: Hot Topics, Recipes

    In early September 2015, the Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap posted a video instructing viewers (or her ex-boyfriend particularly) on how to make the sweet Filipino candy pastilyas. Paano Gumawa ng Pastilyas. How to Make Pastillas. Watch the video.