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The About Filipino Food website would be an empty shell without the photo and video contributions from a diverse group of people who take the time to share what they have with the world.

Most of the contributions have been sent in by followers of the @FilipinoFood account on Twitter, so special thanks to everyone there for sharing! And a shoutout to the Twitter admins who tackle the labor-intensive task of project-managing the media acquisition, routing and sorting.

Because of the massive flux of admins in the past fifteen years, credits for select media may have been neglected. Please, please do let us know if we’ve overlooked something. Additions, corrections, or comments can be sent to amihan [at] aboutfilipinofood . com or via the contact form.

Article & Photo Contributors:

  • Angie Pastor
  • Leslie Bernarte
  • Jeric Travis
  • Kaycel Corral
  • Mary Rizale
  • Tina Carolino
  • Ahljhon Miranda
  • Johnard Garcia
  • Mommy Shelette
  • Toyang Noresa
  • Eva Argenos
  • Mildred Cruz
  • Ma. Luisa Oblea
  • Ella Marie, Carly, Soundtech27

Senior Photo & Video Contributor: Mayette M. Garcia.

Nesha’s Sweet Desserts
Leche Flan, Puto Flan, and other Kakanin!
Bacolod area, Negros Occidental, Visayas
Orders: Sun 09430674357 Globe 09066431275

This page is a draft. The formal masthead and contributions page will be posted with a more complete list of names, profiles and attribution links after the website upgrade.

Feel free to get in touch with us below! 🙂