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Chef Tatung’s Presentation of Authentic Philippine Cuisine at Madrid Fusion

Filipino kitchen warriors like Myke “Tatung” Sarthou have for years worked to uplift everything local.

From searching for everything traditional to patronizing and promoting local, heirloom ingredients and dishes, they have looked deeper into our history, visited further into our small towns and have created relationships with the farmers and food producers from all over our archipelago. It may have taken much more time, it may have cost more and the resulting dishes may not appeal to all immediately, but by staying true to our culture and our identity is slowly being appreciated at home and even lauded the world’s best chefs. By using the bounty that our islands possess, by looking at how natives have prepared food for centuries, and by insisting on using local, Filipino food is now being recognized by those who we ironically, try to copy.

Early this year, Chef Tatung became the first Filipino to speak at the Madrid Fusion auditorium.

Read the full story by Chef Dino Datu in the Business Mirror.

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