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Difference Between Alimasag and Alimango?

Alimasag and Alimango

Alimasag is a word referring to crab species that are smaller than Alimango.

The scientific name of most crabs known as alimasag is Portunus pelagicus, known in English as the flower crab, blue crab or white sea crab.

In general, the alimasag has thin legs (and usually a mottled or spotted shell, but not always), while the alimango has prominently large forelegs and a shell that is of a solid even color.

Alimango is a common name for large species of crab. It is definitely larger than the Alimasag. It’s the large fat legs that easily distinguish the alimango from the alimasag. The mud crab, mangrove crab or black crab known to English speakers can be translated as alimango in Tagalog. Scientific name: Scylla serrata

There is no exact equivalence between the English names for crabs and the Tagalog terms. You really have to look at the crab. If it has slender “legs” — it’s alimasag. If it has hunky “forearms” — you call it alimango.

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Alimasag = mottled shell, relatively slim legs, saltwater

Alimango = smooth color, bulky legs, freshwater