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Adobo in Philippine Cuisine… Main dishes and adobo-flavored snacks…

  • Chicken adobo with rice, and salted egg on banana leaf.
    Chicken Adobo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Jeric Travis of chicken adobo with rice and salted egg on banana leaf. Adobong manok na may kasamang itlog na maalat at kanin. Nakahain sa dahon ng saging. Recipe to be posted soon!

  • Takway vegetable of Capiz
    Posted in: Vegetables

    “Poor man’s asparagus” is what people of Capiz call the takway vegetable.

  • Nagaraya Adobo Cracker Nuts
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Nagaraya is THE brand of cracker nuts in the Philippines… But what are cracker nuts? They are simply peanuts with a crunchy cracker coating! Canadians call them “chip nuts.”

  • adobo with rice and fried egg
    Posted in: General Info

    Photo by Angie Pastor of Adobo with Rice and Egg.

    AdoboKaLog is a combination of three Tagalog words — adobo + kanin + itlog.

  • Chicken Adobo Wings
    Adobo is Mexican?
    Posted in: Hot Topics

    The origin of adobo has produced much debate among casual eaters who wonder how the so-called Filipino national dish can have a distinctly Spanish name and in its most popular preparation use the very Chinese ingredient that is soy sauce. CNN recently weighed in and casually declared that adobo is of Mexican origin…

  • Adobong Baboy at Manok
    Recipe: Chicken & Pork Adobo
    Posted in: Recipes

    Ingredients: 2 pounds pork; 2 pounds chicken; 2 medium-size garlic; 2 teaspoons paprika; 1/2 cup soy sauce; 6 whole allspice; ginger; MSG; bay leaves; salt and pepper to taste

  • Adobong Atay at Balumbalunan
    Posted in: Meat

    Adobong Atay at Balumbalunan by Jeric Travis. Balumbalunan (spelled variously as balun-balunan, balunbalunan, balon-balunan…) refers to a bird’s gizzard, which is a muscular pouch behind or below the stomach. The gizzard has a thick lining and often contains ingested grit that aids in the breakdown of seeds before digestion. The portion of the gizzard that […]

  • Spicy Adobong Balunbalunan
    Posted in: Meat

    Spicy Adobong Balunbalunan by Ahljhon Miranda The Tagalog word balunbalunan refers to the gizzard of birds. The gizzard is a muscular pouch behind the stomach in the alimentary canal. It has a thick lining and often contains ingested grit that aids in the breakdown of seeds before digestion. It is found in the lower stomach […]

  • Chicken Adobo
    Adobong Manok Na May Gata
    Posted in: Meat, Recipes

    MGA SANGKAP 1 manok na dumalaga 1 puswelong kakanggata 5 butil na bawang 1 puswelong suka 1 kutsarang pamintang buo 1 dahon ng laurel mantika, asin PARAAN NG PAGLULUTO Paghiwa-hiwain nang 2 hanggang 3 pulgadang laki ang manok. Palambutin sa suka, bawang, asin, paminta, at kaunting tubig na sinamahan ng dahon ng laurel. Kapag malambot […]