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Liyempo is the orthodox Tagalog spelling of Liempo, which is a Chinese-Filipino word referring to pork belly.

  • Pork Liempo Sinigang
    Pork Liempo Sinigang
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    Pork Liempo Sinigang by Mommy Shelette.

    Sinigang is a sour broth with the prominent ingredient usually being fish, shrimp, or a cut of meat. In the case of the featured photo, it’s pork liempo, which is pork belly.

  • Lechon Liempo Rolls
    Posted in: Meat

    Chinese in origin, the word liempo refers to pork belly. It is also spelled liyempo in traditional Tagalog orthography.

  • Liyempo - Step #5: Put in a Super-Hot Oven
    How to Make Lechon Liempo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photos and Instructions by Johnard Garcia. How to make Lechon Liempo (Roasted Pork Belly) for when you can’t roast a whole pig! Step 1 – Ibabad sa brine ang karne nang magdamag. Step 2 – maghiwa ng maraming sibuyas. Step 3 – iahon ang karne at patuyuin, lagyan ng kung anu-anong mga rekado…