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  • Kwek-Kwek: Filipino Street Food
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    Kwek-Kwek (aka “orange eggs”) are boiled quail eggs coated with an orange batter and then deep-fried until the batter is crispy.

    What’s the difference from Tokneneng?

  • Philippine Street Food
    Philippine Street Food
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    Photo courtesy of @FM_Rosales94 on Twitter… taken in December 2015.

    Street Food in the Philippines: Vida Hotdogs, Unripe Mangoes (each skewered on a stick), Fishballs, Vienna Sausages, Kwek-Kwek…

  • Turon: Filipino Snack
    Turon (Sagimis)
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    Turón is banana wrapped like a spring roll and deep fried with brown sugar. The banana often used is the fat saba variety. Jackfruit is sometimes included in the filling for a sweeter flavor.

  • Fishball: Popular Filipino Street Food
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    Pishbol is the fun native Tagalog pronunciation for the English word “fishball.” Essentially airy balls of dough that have been deep-fried, Filipino-style “fishballs” have been a popular street food in the Philippines for decades.

  • Betamax, Isaw, Atbp
    Desperate Snacks?
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    Asked by the Manila Bulletin to describe Pinoy street food, which he seemed to be very familiar with, KF Seetoh said quite bluntly that “Filipinos have no street food.”

    He referred to betamax, isaw, helmet and their genre of food as “desperate snacks.”