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Lamang-Dagat / Pagkaing-Dagat

  • Saang from Cebu
    Posted in: Seafood

    Saang are conch shells commonly sold from street stalls in the area of Cebu. These gastropods are known as “spider shells” or “scorpion conch” in English and their scientific name is Lambis scorpius.

  • Curacha crabs
    Posted in: Seafood, Shellfish

    In the Chavacano language of Zamboanga in the southern Philippines, curacha refers to the spanner crab or red frog crab whose scientific name is Ranina ranina.

  • Sinigang na Hipon
    Sinigang na Hipon
    Posted in: Seafood

    Featured photo: Sinigang na Hipon by Mary Rizale.

    Sinigang is a class of sour broth with a prominent ingredient such as pork or milkfish. In the case of sinigang na hipon, the main feature is shrimp, which is hipon in Tagalog.

  • Oyster in Shell
    Posted in: Seafood

    Talaba is the Tagalog word for oyster.

    As in many other parts of the world, oysters are considered an aphrodisiac in the Philippines.

  • Squids Being Grilled
    Posted in: Seafood

    Photo by Toyang Noresa of stuffed squids being grilled.

    “Squid” in Tagalog is pusit. It can be barbecued (inihaw) or cooked adobo style. Dried squid is also popularly grilled in the Philippines. It’s a very chewy treat.

  • Aripuros: Edible shells from Palawan
    Posted in: Seafood

    Aripuros: Edible shells from Palawan by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila, 09369815475. In various Philippine languages, the word aripuros refers to a whirlpool or something of that sort, where there is a circular movement or shape. It is easy to surmise that in this case, the shape of the shells must have given rise […]

  • Inihaw na Pusit
    Inihaw na Pusit
    Posted in: Seafood

    Inihaw na Pusit. Photo by Eva Argenos. Filipino language lesson: inihaw = grilled, barbecued pusit = squid kamatis = tomato Check back for more after the website update. Salamat ~

  • Fresh Pusit (Squid)
    Posted in: Seafood

    Fresh Pusit (Squid). Photo by Angie Pastor. Squid in Tagalog is pusit. Pusit can be grilled (inihaw) or cooked adobo style. Dried squid is also popularly grilled. It is very chewy. Check back for more after the website upgrade. Thank you!