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Classic Tall Glass for Haluhalo

Classic Tall Glass for Haluhalo.

Photo by Tarshera.

Haluhalo is an icy Filipino treat that is most popular during the very hot summer season in the Philippines, in the months of April and May.

The recipe calls for a mixture of sweetened preserved fruits, evaporated milk, and crushed ice topped with ice cream or leche flan.

Haluhalo is classically served in a tall, clear glass that shows off the layers of colorful fruit preserves and other ingredients. These days though, bowls and plastic cups are commonly used as containers as well.

Possible ingredients for Haluhalo:

– Sweetened red beans
– Sweetened garbanzos
– Sweetened saba banana
– Sweetened kamote
– Sweetened jackfruit
– Sweetened kaong
– Nata de coco
– Cooked sago
– Pinipig
– Shaved/Crushed ice
– Ice cream
– Ube haleya
– Leche flan
– Milk
– White sugar

Spelling variations: halohalo, halu-halo, halo-halo

How To Make Haluhalo:

  • Half-fill a tall glass with your choice of sweets.
  • Fill the container with shaved/crushed ice.
  • Top with ice cream, ube haleya or leche flan.
  • Serve with milk and sugar.

Paano Gumawa ng Haluhalo:

Maraming puwedeng gawing paraan… Heto ang isa:

Hinog na mangga, saging na saba, pinya o anumang sariwang prutas ang ilahok. Hiwa-hiwain nang may 1/2 pulgadang pakuwadrado at paghalu-haluin na kasama ang kinaskas na yelo. Sa halip na asukal ay arnibal ang isama. Pagkatapos lagyan ng gatas.

Ano talaga ang puwedeng ilagay sa haluhalo? Bahala ka na! Peyborit namin ang kaong!

Did you know that haluhalo was sort of introduced by the Japanese to the Philippines in the years before the Second World War? Their shaved-ice dessert in those bygone days was much simpler with sweet adzuki beans and milk.

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