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  • Biko, Nilupak & Kalamay na Mais
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    Biko, Nilupak & Kalamay na Mais by Toyang Noresa.

    Kakanin is a whole genre of Filipino delicacies whose main ingredient is usually rice, sometimes corn or a root crop like cassava.

  • Bila-bilaong Palitaw
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    Palitao are rice patties cooked in boiling water, drained, then served topped with grated coconut, toasted sesame seeds, and white sugar.

    In the Tagalog language, palitaw means “to surface” and this refers to the flat oval-shaped pieces of rice dough floating to the top of boiling water once they are cooked.

  • Suman sa Latik
    Suman sa Latik
    Posted in: Kakanin

    Photos by Mildred Cruz of Suman sa Latik…

    Suman are cylindrical rice “cakes” wrapped in leaves, while Latik in this particular case is a sweet coconut sauce.

  • Biko Topped with Latik
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    Biko topped with latik made and photographed by Angie Pastor. For orders in Manila: 09369815475

    In the Philippines, BIKO is the name of popular sweet treat whose main ingredient is sticky rice. It is a favorite thing to eat in the lead up towards the New Year.

  • kutsinta
    Posted in: Kakanin

    Cuchinta are rice “cakes” with a dense, sticky texture. They’re almost like thick flat circular pieces of very firm jello.

    Have you ever seen black-colored kutsinta? With yema sauce and brown toasted coconut?