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  • Balut: Duck Egg Yolk and Chick
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks, Hot Topics

    Featured Photo by Kaycel Corral.

    Balut country — Pateros — and the neighboring Rizal towns have variations of this ubiquitous boiled duck’s egg with the little black chick curled up inside.

  • OMGpeke Magnolia Ice Cream & Meats
    Posted in: Hot Topics

    In a recent statement, Ramar Foods asserts that it owns the incontestable rights to the Magnolia brand for ice cream and meats in the United States.

    Sure it’s legal, but it’s not ethical.

    Any rational person who hears of the details of the OMGpeke scandal understands the situation clearly. “United States trademark law allows it, but it doesn’t mean it’s ethical.”

  • Chicken Adobo Wings
    Adobo is Mexican?
    Posted in: Hot Topics

    The origin of adobo has produced much debate among casual eaters who wonder how the so-called Filipino national dish can have a distinctly Spanish name and in its most popular preparation use the very Chinese ingredient that is soy sauce. CNN recently weighed in and casually declared that adobo is of Mexican origin…

  • Betamax, Isaw, Atbp
    Desperate Snacks?
    Posted in: Hot Topics

    Asked by the Manila Bulletin to describe Pinoy street food, which he seemed to be very familiar with, KF Seetoh said quite bluntly that “Filipinos have no street food.”

    He referred to betamax, isaw, helmet and their genre of food as “desperate snacks.”

  • Asusena: Filipino Dog Meat Dish
    Azucena (Dog Meat)
    Posted in: Hot Topics, Meat

    Some like to eat dogmeat raw, ony slightly seared on the skin, and with a sawsawan made out of uncooked liver mashed with vinegar, garlic and onions.

    Others like their azucena fully cooked, adobo-style, with a handful of hot red peppers. Raw dogmeat is served with gin, and adobo dogmeat is served with beer.

  • Pia's Tweet Re Siwon's Balot
    Ms. Universe Pia Wurtbach’s Tweet About Siwon’s “Balot”
    Posted in: Hot Topics

    On the night of the Miss Universe pageant, one of our Twitter admins randomly posted a tweet referencing Pia Wurtzbach (reigning Miss Philippines, competing in Las Vegas) and her man being willing to eat balut. #ALDUBHappyTogether We're all following @PiaWurtzbach Pretty sure her man eats balut. #MissUniverse2015 — Filipino Food❕ (@filipinofood) December 21, 2015 Unrelated to […]

  • Pastillas Girl's Name
    Pastillas Girl
    Posted in: Hot Topics, Recipes

    In early September 2015, the Pastillas Girl Angelica Jane Yap posted a video instructing viewers (or her ex-boyfriend particularly) on how to make the sweet Filipino candy pastilyas. Paano Gumawa ng Pastilyas. How to Make Pastillas. Watch the video.

  • Pinikpikan
    Posted in: Hot Topics, Meat

    Pinikpikan is a dish from the mountains of the Cordillera region in the Philippines. It is prepared by beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking. This is done to tenderize the meat and induce blood clotting.