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Three Suman & Two Ripe Mangoes

Photos by Angie Pastor. To order suman in Manila: 09369815475.

Suman is sort of like a thin cylindrical rice cake wrapped in banana leaves or palm leaves.

The main ingredient of suman is glutinous rice called malagkit. Another essential ingredient is gata (coconut milk). It is cooked by steaming the leaf-wrapped rice mixture for about 40 minutes.

Suman Malagkit, Partly Unwrapped

Suman Malagkit by Angie Pastor.

How to eat suman?

Peel off the leaves! You can dip the peeled suman in brown sugar or a mixture of grated coconut and brown sugar. Ripe mangoes are a traditional accompaniment.

Tip: Because rice is susceptible to spoilage, eat suman on the day it is cooked or within a day or two at most. Store in a cool place. If you place leftover suman in the refrigerator, the rice will turn hard and not as delicious to eat.

Leftover Suman Being Fried

Leftover Suman Being Fried. Photo by Mildred Cruz.

Suman & Macapuno Strings

Suman Topped With Macapuno Strings By Toyang Noresa

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