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  • Terong Susu (Nipple Fruit)
    Utong (Mickey Mouse Fruit)
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    * Not a widely seen or known fruit in the Philippines. An orange fruit found in the Visayas and Mindanao region of the Philippines, its scientific name is Solanum mammosum. Utong is the Tagalog word for “nipple.” Known as terong susu in the Malay language. Sold in Japan. Known as “fox face.” English speakers refer […]

  • Camaru (Filipino Crickets)
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    Camaru. Photo by Marian Vidad.

    A delicacy of the province of Pampanga, camaru or kamaru are crickets. They are deep-fried or cooked adobo style.

  • Itlog ng Hantik
    Itlog ng Antik
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    Itlog ng Hantik (Ants’ Eggs). Photos by @OkayMaine. Also known as Itlog ti Abuos in Ilocano cuisine.

    Hantik or Antik are weaver ants known for their stinging bites. Their eggs (itlog) are considered a delicacy in the Philippines and are very hard to come by.