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Filipino snacks we love to munch on!

  • Davao's long-cut banana chips
    Banana Chips
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    Philippine banana chips are ordinarily round in shape similar to thick poker chips, because the bananas used are cut crosswise.

    In recent years, long-cut banana chips, in which the bananas are sliced lengthwise, have become popular.

  • Nagaraya Adobo Cracker Nuts
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Nagaraya is THE brand of cracker nuts in the Philippines… But what are cracker nuts? They are simply peanuts with a crunchy cracker coating! Canadians call them “chip nuts.”

  • Chippy Barbecue-Flavored Corn Chips
    Chippy Corn Chips
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Photo by Angie Pastor of Chippy barbecue-flavored corn chips. Chippy is a Philippine brand of corn chips that are rectangular shaped, often curled in the middle. It was first launched in the late 1960s along with Chiz Curls as the initial products of the snack foods category under the Jack ‘n Jill megabrand.

  • Shingaling (Filipino Junk Food Snack)
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Shingaling is a deep-fried flour snack that has the shape of fat string beans. People unfamiliar with it tend to mistake it for deep-fried chicken intestines.

  • Super Chips - Delicious Chicharon Factory
    Super Chips
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Super Chips by the Delicious Chicharon Factory of the Philippines.

    Delicious Chicharon is the leading maker of the famous “Chicharong Puti” (white chicharrones) branded as “Super Chips” since 1950’s.

    This unique healthy snack is made of all-natural ingredients. Having fish as its main ingredient makes it a good source of protein.